Gender Links Mauritius


Gender Links Mauritius, country office of Gender Links (GL) headquarter in Johannesburg South Africa is a non-for-profit organisation founded in March 2001. GL achieves its vision through a people-centred approach guided by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocol on Gender and Development.    

Project Summary

This project is primarily aimed at poverty alleviation and seeks to contribute to the sustainable economic development and healthy lives of female fishers and the communities adversely impacted by the ecological disaster following the sinking of the MV Wakashio. In this context, this project seeks to conduct advocacy, entrepreneurship and life skills training and thereafter increase the employability of fem ale fishers in 13 villages along the southeast coast of Mauritius over a period of two years. Economic opportunities for 100 female fishers affected by the ecological disaster will be sought in collaboration with the relevant village councils To ensure the sustainability of the project, a close follow up and support will be provided through an effective mentoring system. This project will contribute to the personal empowerment of female fishers and a code of practice for poverty alleviation. 

Activity Period

2 years from 2022

Activity Report


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